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Precix® designs and manufactures a diverse set of custom molded products for a variety of markets and industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Energy (oil patch/natural gas), Food Processing and general industrial applications (grommets, gaskets, PIP seals and miscellaneous shapes). Full in-house material, product and tooling engineering departments integrate with your engineering needs to design the optimal sealing solution. Non-linear finite element analysis (FEA) is often incorporated to test out a concept before going to prototype.

Should modifications to the elastomer be necessary, our expert chemists collaborate with your engineering team to identify optimal solutions and innovate together. This includes:

  • Creating cost-effective over-molding solutions
  • Design gland analysis on your custom shapes
  • Developing new materials
Tight tolerance brake sealing components have been manufactured by Precix® for more than 25 years. Major OEM and aftermarket customers rely on us for a variety of sealing components including Wheel Cylinder cups, Master Cylinder Seals, ABS seals, Recuperating Seals and o-ring seals. Product is manufactured using proprietary flashless molding techniques.

Performing reliably and consistently under extreme conditions, Precix® fuel delivery systems seals deliver vital, value-added performance in these critical Transportation applications: 

Fuel Injectors
Quick Connects
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Tank Seals
Applications requiring electrostatic charge dissipation (conductive – ESD)
Any seal application dealing with fuels, including synthetic fuels.

Learn more about: Compound listing | Fuel Systems Seals | Flex Fuel (E85) Compounds | Biodiesel Compounds | Conductive

Precix’s F86 ‘GF®’ type FKM material has the lowest thru-seal permeation numbers (as measured via ASTM E93-53T) in the industry.

Precix®…the most trusted name in fuel seals™.


At Precix, we offer cutting-edge molding capabilities to tailor-make any required shape, whether in the prototype or production stage. Our state-of-the-art molding machines seamlessly execute compression and transfer molding with high precision. The excellence of our in-house mold-making capabilities further ensures the production of top-quality parts.

Regardless of the shape or application you have, we are eager to share our expertise and collaborate with your team.

custom elastomeric shapes

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