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Urethane Compounds

Polyester Urethane

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Polyether Urethane

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Polycarbonate Urethane

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PRECIX® Urethane Compounds

Precix manufactures three urethane compounds to service a vast number of different industrial needs.  Learn more about our urethane compounds and about their properties below.

Urethane elastomers are an unusual category of elastomer materials, characterized by their high strength.  Specifically, tensile strength properties are unmatched, as is their tear and abrasion resistance.  Also noteworthy, is their high load bearing capability.  These attributes would be the main reasons for selecting urethane, rather than their moderate heat resistance or their good oil resistance.

Physical Properties

Typical Values
Durometer, Shore A, (pts)92-9592-9592-95
Tensile Strength, (psi)6000-70007000-80004000-5000
Modulus @ 100% (psi)1600-170020002000-2100
Ultimate Elongation, (%)
HCL, % Recommendation<15%ANY<15%
Acid ResistanceGoodExcellentGood
Abrasion ResistanceGoodExcellentGood
ColorPer RequestPer RequestPer Request

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