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As one of the quality leaders in the elastomer industry, Precix is certified for quality and compliance with the following organizations.

Quality certificates

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UL Certifications DirectoryUL Logo

Precix Gasket & Seals JMLU2.MH8250
Precix Seal Rings for Fire Extinguishers & Extinguishing Systems Components GMCQ2.MH8250
Precix Seal Rings for Valve Components HMYY2.MH8250

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NSF Product and Service Listing

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Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated for Materials, Certification is only for the Water Contact Material shown in the Listing.

Precix, Inc.
744 Belleville Ave.
New Bedford, MA 02742

Plant at: New Bedford, MA

Joining and Sealing Materials

Trade Designation
Gasket/Sealing Materials
Size Water
Contact Temp
Contact Material
E-17331 [1] C.HOT EPDM
E61 [1] C.HOT EPDM

[1] Certified for a maximum surface area to volume ratio of 2 sq. in./L.

For more information on NSF Product and Service Listings, please visit: www.nsf.org

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Qualified Product List (QPL)QPL Logo

Precix F19 (AMS7287), F75 (AMS7276), F90 (AMS7259), F139 (AMS7379) and PO3 (AMS7257) are all QPL listed. PRI Alpha list is available by via this link. For a complete listing of our AMS/MIL (QPL) compounds click here.

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